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Daily review: laurels and darts

There may never come a day when everyone at the University is completely satisfied with the bus service. In all likelihood, there will always remain a vocal portion of the population who finds reasons to be disgruntled over the University’s public transit system. For those naysayers, however, there is a new, little-advertised program that may help them avoid the buses all together. This year, the University launched a bike rental program. Although the program is still small, limited to 150 bikes, it’s still a great idea, one which we hope to see expand in the upcoming years. Not only will the bike program help relieve bus congestion, but it also reduces emissions and gives students the chance to get a bit of a workout to boot. We give the University’s Department of Transportation Services and the Department of Green Purchasing laurels for starting this program.


Following the recession of 2008, a lot of Americans grew wary of the credit card-centric, debt-heavy lifestyles they were living, with good reason. Citigroup Inc. does not seem to have received this memo: In the third quarter of 2011, Citigroup mailed out an estimated 346 million credit card offers. To make this figure more salient, consider the fact there are only about 308 million people in the United States. That’s right: Citi offered more credit cards than there are people in the entire country. Citigroup receives a dart for their promiscuous use of credit card offers. The last thing the American people need is more personal debt. They’re shouldering enough of the government’s already.

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