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Daily review: laurels and darts

It is tough for anyone to find a job in the current economic climate, but it is even tougher than normal for veterans who, upon returning from war, face challenges assimilating back to normal life. That’s why The New Jersey State Building & Construction Trades Council’s Helmets to Hardhats (NJ H2H) is such a great idea: The program helps place veterans of war into positions in the construction industry in order to give them a smoother transition back into the society they served. The state gave $195,000 to the NJ H2H program last Thursday, and for that they receive a laurel — as does NJ H2H itself. Our veterans deserve the aid and respect our state can give them.


A lot of people make jokes about New Jersey being a dirty place, and our state’s faulty sewer systems are not helping us make a case against that reputation. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, there are more than 200 spots in New Jersey where old, dilapidated sewer systems are pouring raw sewage into our water at an aggregate rate of 23 billion gallons per year. While the state’s Department of Environmental Protection claims it is working to revise environmental safety codes in order to prevent things like this, they’re dragging their heels far too much — they estimate that the new rules will be released in six months. Meanwhile, sewage pours into our water every day. The state receives a dart for letting things get this bad and for taking their time to come up with a solution.

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