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Daily review: laurels and darts


Who says the University’s football program doesn’t do any good? Since last October, the Rutgers University Touchdown Club has been donating football game tickets to Integrity House, a substance abuse recovery house. While most attendees at the football games take the tailgates and fun for granted, a day at the stadium makes a real difference for members of Integrity House. We give the Rutgers University Touchdown Club a laurel for their philanthropic efforts.


Instead of leading to sweeping deportations, Alabama’s strict immigration law led to exactly one detainment. To make matters worse, that detainee was residing in the state legally. Police arrested Mohamed Ali Muflahi last Friday and, when he couldn’t produce documentation of his legal status — which is illegal under the aforementioned law — police figured they had an illegal immigrant on their hands. On Monday, however Muflahi cleared his name, proving his legal status. We give a dart to Alabama for making such a bumbling maneuver.

By The Daily Targum

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