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Daily review: laurels and darts


Sometimes, it seems like our state’s public employees will never learn that the Internet is not a private sphere. Union Township teacher Viki Knox angered many people across New Jersey last month because of the anti-gay comments she made on her Facebook page. Now, 29-year-old Hector Rosado, a member of the Orange Police Department, has been fired for posting racial slurs on his Twitter account. Rosado also publicly criticized his department via Twitter, again using explicit language and racial slurs. According to Rosado’s latest Twitter post, which he posted after being fired, he feels “misunderstood often.” We would like to point out that there it is rather difficult for anyone to misunderstand racially insensitive language. We give Rosado a dart for his conduct.


The world of sports is traditionally seen as a man’s world. It can be hard being a woman on the field, and even harder being a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender athlete. That’s why it was comforting to see 25 student members of the University’s athletic community come together last week to sign the Athlete Ally Pledge. The event, held through a collaborative effort between Project Civility and the Dean of Students Office, encouraged equality in sports and implored all athletes to show support for the LGBT members of their community. We give the 25 signees a laurel for standing up in solidarity against discrimination. Project Civility and the Dean of Students Office also deserve recognition for their part in orchestrating the event.

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