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Daily review: laurels and darts


A new Web domain extension, .xxx, is currently in the process of being launched. This extension is marketed specifically toward adult websites. It is meant to make it easier for Internet users to separate adult content from the rest of the Web. While this new extension was designed with pornography in mind, some decidedly non-pornographic companies decided to register .xxx websites, including a few colleges. The University of Missouri-Columbia, among others, all claimed .xxx domain names, which could potentially be connected to the schools. The move is a pre-emptive strike against the possibility of someone coming along and registering an adult website which is unfairly associated with the schools. We give these schools a laurel for their defensive plans.

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As President Barack Obama pushes for higher taxes on the wealthy with the so-called Buffet Rule, he is meeting a lot of opposition. One source of opposition is New Jersey’s own Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen, R-11. In a Nov. 4 newsletter, Frelinghuysen made the claim that, “The president’s own Department of the Treasury says 41 percent of all business income reported on individual returns would be hit by the surtax. Thus, the president’s tax would harm small businessmen and women.” This statement is very misleading. It’s true that 41 percent of all business income would be hit by the tax, but as PolitiFact New Jersey points out, that figure counts all businesses — not just small businesses. The overwhelming majority of businesses being hit by the tax would be large businesses. If Frelinghuysen is going to criticize the plan, he should not resort to misleading figures. We give Frelinghuysen a dart.

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