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Speaker’s past reveals power of networking

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Anthony Colon, Techno-Logic Solutions Inc. president, explains how intitiative is important in the business world yesterday in the Livingston Student Center.

Anthony Colon, the president of Techno-Logic Solutions Inc., a company that helps people find jobs in technology, spoke at the Livingston Student Center last night about the power of networking and his business experience.

The businessman established Techno-Logic Solutions with his brother in 1999 after a 25-year career in the corporate sector.

From his experience, he learned exhibiting an entrepreneurial spirit is key when competing for jobs, he told to a crowd of about 11 attendees at a presentation co-hosted by the Black and Hispanic MBA Association of Rutgers-Newark and the National Society of Hispanic MBAs.

“Sometimes [employees] are about equal, so what are the skills that are necessary to raise you to the next level? Sometimes it’s initiative,” Colon said.

But initiative alone will not get the job done — it also takes a strong network, he said.

“In this world, we are social animals, so let’s take advantage of that,” Colon said. “If we know someone and establish a relationship built on trust, we create a network of people we can call when we need help.”

Without a strong network, potential employees can miss out on a number of job opportunities, he said.

“Maybe a third of the openings that are available are actually posted,” Colon said. “So how do we get into those closed positions? Networking.”

He stressed the importance of being passionate in what one does, saying passion can help grow networks.

“If I ask you right now, ‘What is your passion?’ Can you tell me that in 20 seconds?” he asked the audience. “Sometimes that’s all you have to tell someone that you’re networking with. … Passion and the ability to describe it in such a way are key.”

Colon said he found his passion accidentally after being sent on a job to negotiate with a Puerto Rican company that refused to pay its bill. He found out his company had been supplying the client with the wrong product, a problem he fixed after his visit.

“I went home thinking I wouldn’t see Puerto Rico again,” he said. “The senior leaders of [my] company called and said, ‘We want this guy,’ and lo and behold, I was in sales and marketing.”

Colon said establishing a trusting relationship with his employers was very important.

He also emphasized his belief in the “CEO of Me Inc.” philosophy, which focuses on the needs of the individual and their loved ones over material gain.

Anthony Colon also passed around his brother, Rod Colon’s, book, “Win the Race for 21st Century Jobs,” which intends to empower those looking to network professionally and embraces the CEO of Me, Inc. philosophy.

“When you think about the things that you do, it’s not just about what you’re worth dollar-wise or compensation-wise — it’s what drives you, what you’re passionate about,” Anthony Colon said. “Ask yourself, ‘What is it worth to me and my board of directors?’”

He recently formed a partnership with his brother’s consulting firm, Rod Colon Consulting, LLC., which serves as a comprehensive career development organization, he said.

Anthony Colon also told attendees that his brother hosts a weekly radio show with more career advice on Rider University’s 107.7 FM every Sunday.

He said his brother is involved in a deal that would also give him a Wednesday program on the station.

Following the presentation, a Q-and-A session was open for attendees to discuss the information both with Anthony Colon and each other.

By Adam Uzialko

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