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Daily review: laurels and darts


Stage Left, a popular restaurant located in downtown New Brunswick, will offer a new cocktail Wednesday as part of a nationwide campaign to raise money for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality. Van Gogh Vodka invented the cocktail, called a “Give a Damn Martini,” for their “Cocktails without Prejudice” campaign. The restaurant will donate $1 for every martini sold. We think this is a unique and creative way to raise money for an admirable cause. We laurel Stage Left for their participation in the campaign, and we encourage all those of legal age to get on down there and “give a damn” with one of their martinis.


The New York Jets signed Tim Tebow, a former Denver Broncos quarterback, as a backup quarterback. The decision has already done much for the team off the field, but we, along with many others, are left to wonder just how much it will do for them on the field. From a purely strategic standpoint, it seems like a pretty bad choice — forfeiting fourth- and sixth- round draft picks for a player like Tebow, iconic and stout of character as he is, does little for the team outside of gaining attention. Instead, the team has acquired a cult figure, which may do more to distract from on-field play that it will strengthen it. The Jets have assured us that this was not a publicity stunt, but given the media crush the star received upon arriving in New York, we’re not so sure. The Jets deserve a dart for picking publicity and popularity over talent.

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