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Stick to logic in scientific discourse

Letter to the editor

The author of yesterday’s column titled “Creationism has merit” shared with Targum readers his personal belief that God, not a natural process of evolution, created human beings and other living things. His argument is plainly stated that God exists — and given that God exists, one can find evidence that life was created by God. It is important for the University students and scholars of all kinds to understand that this argument is a simple example of circular reasoning. The author’s religiously driven argument does not remotely count as critical thinking, let alone a presentation of a testable scientific idea. His is an argument that is rejected on a daily basis by all scientists — those who believe in God and those who do not. Science is a process of developing ideas about natural processes and then finding ways to test those ideas, with data and experiment. To suppose you know the answer ahead of time, for whatever reason, is to simply reject the scientific process. Everyone should know this.

Jody Hey is a professor at the Department of Genetics.

By Jody Hey

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