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Week in review: laurels and darts



This week was attributed to women and women’s issues, chief among them prevention of sexual and physical violence against women. The One Billion Rising campaign against gender violence was a true showstopper. Earlier this week, a candlelight vigil was held outside Brower Commons in the wake of sexual violence in India. The Catholic Student’s Association became the reason for smiles on many women’s faces who read Post-its around campus with messages like “you’re beautiful” and “you’re loved.” We give a laurel to the student community for drawing much-needed attention to women’s issues.


Our next dart is painted red, white and blue. The nation had high expectations for President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address this week, and some of his points fell flat. With all the federal spending, we still haven’t been given enough information about where all the money will be coming from. Plus, there’s still that question of foreign policy up in the air. Here’s to hoping that the second term is better than the last.


Rutgers Women’s Basketball coach C. Vivian Stringer is one step away from being among the three most glorified women in the history of college basketball. Stringer needs to win her 900th match in order to achieve this milestone. Even though Stringer has encountered criticism for her unrelenting attitude, attendance issues and big losses, she claims to follow her style and do things her way. Well, what can we say — sometimes it’s a bad idea to get in a woman’s way. We laurel C. Vivian Stringer for coming through in the clutch.



The Passaic Valley School Board passed a measure that allows its high school principal to carry a concealed weapon in school. The decision comes as a reaction to the Newtown tragedy, which shook the nation and reignited the gun control debate across the country. The unanimous decision intends to keep students safe, but carrying a gun is not part of a school principal’s job description. This dart is much less dangerous than Passaic Valley’s new policy.


If you’re one of many students on campus who’ve been forced to buy a meal plan, our next laurel could intrigue you. The upcoming Knight Wagon, a mobile van serving and delivering food around campus, will be accepting meal swipes and RU Express. Even though it’s run by Rutgers Dining Services, the wagon will include some new varieties of food items for students to savor. We award the Knight Wagon for giving us more options.


This week, Hurricane Sandy has been declared to be the second costliest storm in American history. Yet, there are N.J. residents that have still not fully recovered. This dart comes as a reminder that the hardships are still not over. While relief efforts came in strong, much still needs to be done to get New Jersey back on its superhuman feet. As per our Tuesday editorial, Gov. Chris Christie is even resorting to legalizing online gambling to get the economy reenergized again, and the Jersey Shore is still sadly in need of reconstruction.

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