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Ad requires apology

Letter to Editor

As a Muslim who has witnessed many attempts by others to demonize Islam via citing isolated incidences and quoting the Qur’an out of context, the only surprise to me was seeing how an ad like the one published yesterday could make it into the Targum itself.

Shouldn’t we be past the stage where we judge an entire population of people — about 1.5 billion — based on the actions of a few? If the insinuations against Islam in the recently posted ad could be given any credibility, shouldn’t it then follow, by the same logic, that American values are inherently evil because of the atrocious acts of Timothy McVeigh and Adam Lanza?

I could go into a tirade explaining how honor killings have no place in Islamic doctrine, but the purpose of this letter is to throw a dart at the Targum for perpetuating fallacious insinuations about a religion that belongs to thousands of students here at Rutgers. I feel ashamed to be funding the Targum after seeing such an ad. It comes from an organization known for its hateful and bigoted remarks, so why is the Targum being used to convey their message? Did it not cross anyone’s mind how offensive this ad could be to thousands of students on this campus? Would you post an advertisement paid for by the Westboro Baptist Church against homosexuals? Such ads would only fuel the fire of hostility between students.

I, along with many others, demand an apology from whoever allowed this ad to be published.

Editor's Note: The name of the author of this letter to the editor has been redacted due to extenuating circumstances.

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