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Delafest represents ‘YOLO Spring’

Letter to the editor

Congratulations, Targum. If I ignore the devastatingly ironic tone of yesterday’s editorial, “Let’s not give the media another excuse,” I can almost enjoy it. Almost. I can’t believe I’m the only one saying this: cool.

The editorial pretty much obscured the event into oblivion as The Daily Targum cemented its voice as the little baby boomer that could. The article read like everything else I’ve ever heard. What a disappointment.

“The police force came to the scene in riot gear and tried to disperse the crowd, and what happened when our brethren weren’t quick enough? Pepper spray! Arguably well-deserved, for some.”

I won’t touch the “our brethren” bit for lack of space. More importantly, it should be noted that the crowd was not pepper-sprayed because they weren’t quick enough in fleeing the scene. In fact, the most amazing thing about this crowd was that they weren’t scared. I caught wind of the riot when Delafield Street was a complete police state around 5 p.m. Of course I had to visit. I was threatened with arrest for walking on the sidewalk. When some kind gentlemen let me into their apartment, they told me that they’d do it again, later that night and the week after. These kids weren’t scared. Watch the videos — they were cheering as the crowd was being tear-gassed. I’ve spent my whole life terrified of the police. YOLO is real.

If it were me, I would have bought everyone some pizza from every pizza place in town. The future professionals of America would have probably sobered up and calmed down. Maybe they wouldn’t have set a couch on fire, although that was the emotional climax of the event, as the crowd danced around the flames, yelling “burn that shit!”

More from yesterday’s editorial: “Let’s get real people. It’s college.” What the hell does that mean, Targum? What’s a college? Have you ever interrogated yourself? Have you ever stood up from your parents’ dinner table? What is this institution except exactly that — flows of capital, and ideology struggling for immortality?

Another question the editorial posed: “Why didn’t anyone notice that we raised half a million dollars for cancer last week?” Why not? Because accumulating capital is almost as boring as your newspaper! Burn that shit.

The Targum so dutifully brought the story of the Mike Rice scandal into the story of the riot, just like every other lazy news source. Thanks for nothing. Anyway, the Targum’s version of the Mike Rice scandal is that “the media does not know where to focus its attention.” Take a class, dudes. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that news is created for audiences instead of simply reported by objective actors. The Mike Rice scandal is picking up the captive Joe Paterno demographic. Duh!

Look around. The YOLO spring may not have had a reasonable point, but watching footage of college kids yelling “burn that shit!” makes me feel like all of my pent-up consumer angst is not unfounded.

Look around. These are your peers. Angst, aggression, no exit, rowdiness, oblivion, YOLO. Remember the war that took up the whole first decade of the millennium? Where’s your career hiding after graduation? How’s the future? There’s no future. Burn that shit.

We’ve been institutionalized into submission. We don’t know how to ask — only act. And this Saturday, we acted out of order. Targum, did you forget that you are the media? The only reality worth noting is that on Saturday, April 15th, 2013, New Brunswick police maced a bunch of Rutgers kids. What’s next? Bigger? More? Praise for the young YOLOers.

Sally Reisch is a School of Arts and Sciences senior and an editor for The Rutgers Review.

By Sally Reisch

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