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Delayed Rice reaction result of negative publicity

Letter to the editor

This is a sad day for the University — not because we lost Mike Rice, the men’s basketball head coach, but because our administration has proven to us that they are a bunch of superficial cowards. I am deeply distraught, not only by the way Rice treated his players — although I know it goes on at many other schools and in many other sports — but also because of the way the University has decided to handle the situation. In an email that University President Robert L. Barchi sent out to us, he wrote that he and Tim Pernetti, director of intercollegiate athletics, had already viewed the tape back in the fall and handed out the punishment to Rice. But Barchi goes on to say that yesterday, he “personally” reviewed the tape. Did you not “personally” review it back in the fall? Was the safety of your students and players not important to be taken “personally” back then? Is it only important now because the video was leaked? Shame on the University, and shame on Barchi. His punishment should have stayed as his punishment — you can’t just change it because the public found out. I thought we were “closely monitoring his behavior” as part of his punishment? If the behavior that has been monitored was fine, why the sudden change?

I’m very upset with the University and this is why I believe it has always had a bad reputation. I love my school, and I am not hating on it. If I hated it here, I would just leave. But there are so many great qualities that this University has that I could never bring myself to abandon it. There are many great students, coaches, administration, professors, dining hall ladies and squirrels that call this University home. The University gets torn apart by outsiders, and those great people overlooked because of the way our administration handles important matters. The administration needs to start being in touch with their students and their student athletes, and more importantly, their morals. Perhaps we can start to be a respected University then. It’s sad to think that over the time I will be here, we will probably never be “The Pride of New Jersey.” But maybe someday, with some major changes, we can be.

Filomena Martini is a School of Arts and Sciences first-year student.

By Filomena Martini

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