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Social media action reflects U. values

Letter to the editor

Since moving to New Jersey almost two years ago, I’ve been disappointed in how this community works together to help its own, excluding the response to devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy. I went to an undergraduate institution that prided itself on its family-like atmosphere. If something negative happens to one person, it happens to everyone. There, it was easy for people to rally around and help without wanting anything in return.

On Tuesday, April 23, I was on my way to a meeting with a professor in the Wright-Rieman building on Busch campus when I noticed a flier. It was from a fifth-year graduate student whose laptop was stolen. What hit me was that this student did not care about the laptop, but rather the contents, stating that the thief can keep the laptop but to pleas just send back the dissertation in it. I believe in karma and the “Golden Rule,” hoping that if one day this happens to me, someone would help me. I took a photo of it, posted it to Facebook and asked my friends to spread the word.

Close to 25,000 shares and a top story on Reddit later, I cannot express how much it meant that so many people wanted to help this stranger out. I wasn’t expecting the surge of suppoårt that was demonstrated since my initial posting. I really want to thank the University community for stepping up and showing me how much you all care. It means a lot knowing that such people exist here. Thank you, Rutgers.

Robert Young is a graduate student in computational biology and molecular biophysics.

By Robert Young

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