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Dorm socials least of our problems

Letter to the Editor

Tuesday’s commentary, “Mandatory social events are well-intentioned but suck,” really knows how to solve the extensive and complex problems facing Rutgers and other universities in the United States: Eliminate residence hall social programs. Thank goodness such complex and challenging problems have such simple solutions. I would have thought that complex issues stemming from how public universities are funded, structured and integrated into our society would require a more complex solution, but boy, that commentary nailed it. It’s not the huge budget shortfalls, the complexities of higher education, the growing and changing relationships with private industry and with the public. It’s mandatory pizza time in the dorms. That’s the problem. It’s amazing nobody noticed before that decorative name-tags on dorm-room doors preclude our success as a university and as a nation.

I applaud the writer for her insightful, deep, well-researched essay on this topic. Next week, when she finds out that add-drop is more complicated than she thought, maybe she will discover that this is also the source of all the problems in American higher education and tell us all about that, along with a hilarious, fictitious and marginally racist example of how things are done in pre-school in Japan — or Germany? Or Mexico? But for now, let’s rest easy under the assumption that dorm social programs are the real problem. We should eliminate this minor inconvenience for students and strike a major blow for higher education nationwide. With the peace of mind this brings, I can finally get back to memorizing digits of pi.

Kellen Myers is a teaching assistant in the department of mathematics.

By Kellen Myers

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