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Activism efforts should not make students feel unsafe

Letter to the Editor

This week, nearly halfway through the fall semester, close to 1,000 students woke up in Rutgers University residential dorms to find that the very place that they have called home for the past five weeks, the very place where students have felt safe, had been violated by a piece of paper that was shoved under doors, penetrating the rooms where students were sleeping. I believe this tactic contains hateful propaganda and was distributed as an attempt to harass and intimidate students at the University. Rutgers prides itself on its diversity and acceptance, creating a safe haven for students to be able to live without fear of bias intimidation and harassment. However, this aura of acceptance and safety was cruelly ripped away in the early hours of the morning by the few who gleefully utilize propaganda and the cover of night to exploit students emotionally through the incitation of fear with words full of bias and hate. The bullying antics of such perpetrators cannot — should not — be stood for by Rutgers students, faculty, alumni, and board members. There is no place at Rutgers for those who promote the use of bullying, harassment and other scare tactics to violate the privacy and emotions of Rutgers students. As a first-year student, I feel that my door is not a billboard for the intimidation politics of strangers who are intentionally trying to exploit me emotionally. Shoving hatred under my door violates the very principles of security, tolerance and justice that Rutgers stands for.

Elisheva Rosen is a School of Arts and Sciences first-year student.

By Elisheva Rosen

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