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Commentary should be tolerant and sensitive

Letter to the Editor

I found Colleen Jolly’s commentary published last Thursday to be both very poorly written and incredibly offensive.

Her commentary relies on many blatant lies and distortions of the truth. For one thing, Hillel is privately funded, and its donors have the right to donate to whatever cause they choose to. For another, the problems she sees in the city of New Brunswick are not the responsibility of Hillel. They are the responsibility of New Brunswick’s municipal government. Finally, while it is true that the Rutgers Hillel is a center for Jewish life, it welcomes people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

To write a complete rebuttal of everything Jolly wrote would take too many column inches that I’m sure The Daily Targum’s Opinions Editor cannot afford. That brings me to my last point.

It is the responsibility of the Targum’s editors to make sure that what is being written in the Opinions section is based in fact. Furthermore, it also of utmost importance to make sure that highly offensive and bigoted content is not given a platform. Yes, it was Jolly’s mistake to write such a distasteful commentary, but it was the Targum’s failure that it was printed at all.

Michael Guggenheim is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore majoring in political science and minoring in modern Hebrew.

By Michael Guggenheim

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