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Opinions on Rice leave out important facts

Letter to Editor

In response to the faculty’s recent appeal to rescind the school’s invitation to Condoleezza Rice, and the subsequent “opinions” on the matter, I have another point of view. Certainly the students of the college I attended — and loved — deserve the opportunity to make their own informed decision on the matter.

Not surprisingly, the inconvenient facts are omitted from the opinion. The International Atomic Energy Agency reported its belief that weapons of mass destruction were still in Iraq, and countries in the European Union supported this report. When ideologues try to indoctrinate college students, they should not assume all of them are docile idiots awaiting their daily dose of propaganda while devoid of any independent curiosity. The inherent condescension in telling a story while omitting and/or lying about the facts seems offensive and naïve in this day and age, when the abundance of easily-accessible information renders the lies impotent in a matter of seconds. Finally, if the facts had to be skewed in order to fit the ideologue’s agenda, she or he could not have had much faith in his or her own opinion to begin with.

Linda Rolle is a 1979 Rutgers College alumna.

By Linda Rolle

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