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Protesters remind Rutgers of Condoleezza Rice's war crimes

Condoleezza Rice made the proper decision to back out of an invitation by Rutgers University to receive $35,000 in return for a commencement address. The protesting students and faculty also were wise to remind the University that as National Security Advisor to President George W. Bush, she participated in the massive war crimes of the illegal and devastating invasion of Iraq — a nation that never threatened us.

Ms. Rice keeps declaring how proud she is of her work with the Bush Administration. Two years ago at a gathering in Berkeley, California, I asked her whether, given the millions of casualties and the costly, continuing sociocide of Iraq, she thought the Bush/Cheney invasion was worth it?

She replied that the “arc of history” is sometimes lengthy, meaning that it was too early to judge. Such obstinate moral myopia demonstrates that Rutgers can do better in choosing their commencement speakers to its graduating classes.

Ralph Nader political activist, author, lecturer and attorney. He is a five-time candidate for president of the United States.

Ralph Nader

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