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Don'ts and dos of Tinder: navigating the dating app


Photo Illustration | Tinder allows users to swipe left for profiles they’re not interested in and right for profiles they like.

What do you get when you mix together a generation of cell phone zombies and the socially inept? Tinder. If it doesn’t involve a cell phone, communication won’t happen. So, it only makes sense that our method of dating has become mobile as well. The next time you click open the app after blatantly lying about using it, make sure to follow a few simple tips before you actually end up like your emotionally unstable, single best friend you secretly make fun of …

DON’T bring up being matched on Tinder in public.

Example: “Hey, I’m pretty sure we matched on Tinder like a week ago.”

No one REALLY likes to admit they’ve given into online dating, let alone talk about it while they’re out … and they’re probably trying to forget that they’re single.

DO ask to meet up with your Tinder date for a drink or coffee, politely.

Although it’s always nerve-wracking to make the first move, message them as if you would a friend, abandon the TV for an hour or two and teach yourself how to interact in public again.

DON’T make every profile picture a group picture.

We’ve all been there. You spot a cutie in the group picture only to realize it’s actually her not-so-attractive friend’s profile. *Swipes left.*

DO have at most one or two group pictures on your profile. 

Make ‘em think that, yeah, you’re looking, but you have a life too, duh.

DON’T post all pictures of what you think is your “hot bod mirror selfie,” if you want people to take you seriously.  

If all your pictures involve minimal to no clothing, don’t complain when they don’t wine and dine you first.

DO post pictures based on how you want to be perceived.

Internet persona is everything these days, so depending on whether you want Prince Charming or a juicehead, choose and present your profile information wisely.

DON’T go on Tinder when you have a significant other.

Example: “Who’s that boy you’re snuggling with in your profile picture?” Oh, that’s just my brother…

No one uses the app simply to “make friends” — that’s plain creepy. If you’re just curious to see who’s on it, clearly you’re unhappy in your relationship and need to get that figured out ASAP before you go on a swiping spree.

DO go on tinder to get over an ex.

You’ve dumped that loser you thought was the love of your life, even though he sleeps in until noon and watches marathons of “Sex and the City.” So, now it’s time to realize there really are other people out there. Besides, a lil’ flirting never killed nobody.

DON’T use vulgar pick-up lines or ask for more pictures (if ya catch my drift).

We’ve all given in to Tinder because the people around us just don’t measure up to our standards, so why be an a--hole when people are trying to escape that? Also, even if two people are using the app strictly for platonic encounters, you still don’t have to be rude about it. Manners people, manners. (Refer to “let your pictures do the talking.”)

DO get creative with your approach

Take the typical line and turn it into something funny or unique. There’s no need to overthink it — just take a common interest and turn it into a topic of conversation. When in doubt, use a Disney quote. Freakin’ everyone loves Disney.

DON’T trust your tinder match right off the bat.

Cyberspace danger isn’t as rampant as it was in 1999, but do you really want your awful experience to be turned into a Lifetime movie? Craigslist killers still exist, as do creepy Tinder matches. Two words: stranger danger.

DO take advantage of the mutual friends feature, as well as your actual friends.

Of course, no one expects you to limit your “likes” strictly to people who have the same friends as you, but it’s definitely a recommended route to take in case you end up with a stage-five clinger. Also, it’s the perfect conversation starter because, I mean, who doesn’t enjoy talking about other people?  

If you do choose to meet up with someone no one knows, keep it at a public place that isn’t deserted, in case you have to scream S.O.S. or make a quick getaway. Also, just keep your friends on constant standby. 

Some like to think they’ll find their “Knight” in shining armor at some party amidst a crowded basement or “accidentally” bump into that cute girl, who just so happens to be mutually attracted to you, at the dining hall, while others have decided to give into the phenomenon that is Tinder. Either way, proceed with caution, and swipe wisely.

Brenda Stolyar

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