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Students must step up to protect animals from inhumane testing

Ever wonder what that must-have berry shade of lipstick for fall cost an animal? It possibly cost its life. Animals such as rabbits, mice, rats and guinea pigs unwillingly give their lives just so you can have the latest waterproof mascara. When people think of animal testing in the cosmetics industry, they think slapping some blush on some bunnies and calling it a day. However, the tests these animals go through are far less than glamorous. Tests like skin sensitivity and lethal dose 50 tests are done to ensure the safety of the ingredients and formulations of makeup despite their questionable results. Animal testing in the cosmetic industry is unnecessary and outdated with the introduction of newer, alternative methods that produce more reliable and safe results without causing harm to any animals.

In vitro testing and the use of artificial human skin are just a couple of the alternatives available to cosmetic companies wishing to test their products. These alternatives are more reliable and obviously less harmful to animals, so there is no reason to continue sacrificing animals.

As a consumer, you probably think there is nothing you could do to bring about change with these huge cosmetic name brands, but there is a strong statement you could send to companies by buying cruelty-free cosmetics. These animal-friendly brands take advantage of the new ways to test their ingredients and products and advocate other brands to do away with animal testing.

In addition to shopping cruelty-free, you can support the Humane Cosmetics Act that was introduced to Congress earlier this year. This bill would make it illegal to test on animals for cosmetics as well as ban the import of cosmetics that were tested on animals in any other country.

We all need to take a look at what our money is going to and choose to not contribute to current and future animal tests in the cosmetic industry. These animals cannot protect themselves, so it is our job to be advocates and stand up for them.

Bianca Tenneriello is a School of Environmental and Biological Sciences senior majoring in animal science.

Bianca Tenneriello

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