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House of Clouds brings SoCal lifestyle to New Brunswick


House of Clouds strives to keep its selection as vast as possible by constantly upgrading the merchandise, giving customers exposure to new, unique products.

Many find staying positive throughout the day challenging, but not Jay Bell.

House of Clouds, a glass gallery and vapor lounge on George Street, has arrived to remind New Brunswick that with the right mindset, it is possible to keep spirits high under almost any circumstances. 

Bell, the owner of House of Clouds, said he experienced a huge culture shock when he was first exposed to the vapor industry in Southern California. Upon moving there to help start the company Cloud Penz, his perspective on the business as a whole was altered.

House of Clouds’ main purpose is to promote a lifestyle that gives people a release and a comforting escape, Bell said. He hopes that it will dispel the stigmas surrounding smoke shops and open up everyone’s minds to new experiences. 

“I started to realize that this industry is more than just money,” Bell said. “They have a bigger purpose, or at least the good ones, in the industry, and they’re trying to help the world see that there’s still a lot of love around.” 

In a New Brunswick location surrounded by an eclectic set of bars, restaurants, comedy clubs and the New Jersey State Theatre, Bell stressed that he did not want to limit the shop to one niche. He feels the location will instead make all types of people feel welcome, regardless of age. 

Differing from the typically cramped corner store smoke shops around the New Brunswick area, the merchandise in Bell’s space is neatly organized in sections so as not to overwhelm customers. 

Located on an upper level, House of Clouds takes customers away from busy city life, giving them a chance to relax and unwind. 

Part of the space is allocated as a lounge with couches, tables and chairs that encourage customers to truly enjoy their experience.

The display cases located in the middle of the shop, as well as ones that align the walls, are adorned with brightly colored rigs, pipes, titanium nails, vaporizers and custom glass art.

Bell explained that when choosing what merchandise to carry, he understands that college students are constantly on a budget. He keeps the selection wide enough to cater to everyone. 

A unique aspect of House of Clouds is the American glass products they carry.

“I feel like it actually has soul,” Bell said. “People put their hearts and their souls into these designs and making this glass.”

With some of the merchandise coming from people who Bell knows personally, he emphasizes that he likes to support and showcase products in his store made by those whose purpose is to spread awareness of “how positive this industry truly is.”

Some of the specific brands featured throughout the shop include Dynomite Distribution, Dr. Green Thumb and Infamous, among many others.

Bell makes it a priority to consistently upgrade and expand the type of products the shop carries. Rather than restocking what is sold out, he aims to constantly expose customers to new products. 

“We’re selling a lifestyle … I think it’s just somewhere where you go, and you know that every time you go in there people are going to be happy because they’re doing what they love and spreading their love … ” Bell said. “A place where people can go and feel comfortable … we care about everyone that comes through.”

Brenda Stolyar

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