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Transform any staple piece into outfit for holiday parties


Layering clothing can keep you warm and look stylish at the same time this holiday season. Try pairing knit sweaters with flowy cardigans or denim button downs for a relaxed yet fashionable outfit. Add an infinity scarf and/or bow for a more feminine touch to your look.

From your first secret Santa exchange with friends to the final toast on New Year’s Eve, the winter holiday season is arguably the most fashionable time of the year and probably the most overwhelming. 

The plethora of special occasions, major celebrations and gatherings with friends allow you to transform the months of December and January into your own personal runway. A stroll down any row of shops will show you a slew of metallics, florals, dark neutrals, sparkles and cable knits possibly more tempting than even the most decadent chocolate sampler. 

Tights Make it Right

The winter holiday season is characterized just as much by bitter temperatures as it is by family get-togethers, where appropriate outfits are required. While that short, black, body con skirt you strictly reserve for fraternity house basements would normally be exiled among your slew of questionable crop tops, it doesn’t have to be. Pair it with black opaque or solid tights. The continuation of the dark color will mask questionable length while elongating your figure. Throw a slouchy sweater over it for proportion, and try to fight the urge to shake your money maker —old habits die hard.

Fall in an Endless Love

While the cute knit hat you wore more for compliments than for warmth may have to be pulled off at the dinner table at your parents’ request, accessorize with one item you’ll never be pestered to part with: an infinity scarf. Infinity scarves are the statement pieces of the winter season, elevating simple outfits to create a look that is just as cohesive as it is fashionable. Don’t be surprised when grandma catches accessory envy and puts her knitting skills to work to make one of her own.

Have a Blue Christmas

Redefine the phrase “blue Christmas” to no longer refer to the gloomy winter season mood, but instead to the various washes of denim you’ll be sporting. Create contrast, and challenge the seasonal ideal of wearing darker colors in the winter by coupling dark jean washes with bright, patterned sweaters. Alternatively, put your denim love on top by layering a denim shirt under a scoop or V-neck knit sweater. You certainly won’t feel blue when you’re dressed this comfortably, but those envious of your killer style will turn green when they spot your azure threads.

Earn an A+ on Your Ensemble

Dress smart to look just as good as your end-of-the-semester grades (or maybe even better) by layering a collared, button down shirt under a V-neck sweater. Pair with corduroys for a polished, prep look, or pair with jeans for a classy yet casual feel. While your idea of the club going up on a Tuesday might not have had any relation to Club Alex, you’ll look like a true scholar.

Go Crazy for Cardigans

 The cardigan is a wardrobe staple that can be rocked by both genders. For the guys: transform your most comfortable solid T-shirt by throwing on a cardigan. To dress up your cardigan a bit, substitute the T-shirt with a crisp button down, a pair of blue jeans, and loafers. For the ladies: Pair a cardigan with a thin sweater or camisole, and a skater skirt for an effortless, classy look.

Whether you plan to hit a trendy office party at your internship or kick back at a small fireside get together with family, embrace your signature look by highlighting your favorite features. 

Rachel Narozniak

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