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​Using Rutgers snapyak is a personal choice

The Targum’s Jan. 26 editorial titled “Rutgers snapyak is demeaning, tasteless,” is offensive to a majority of Rutgers students. Yes, there are illegal drugs and nudity on it, but everything sent in is with the owners’ consent. I have yet to see a video of a girl saying, “Stop recording me.” Girls willingly lift their tops for the camera knowing that it’s being sent to snapyak for hundreds of others to see. The videos of guys groping their girlfriends are also clearly consented, and half the time their faces are not even shown. 

Besides this, half of the Snapchats added to the story are harmless. Check out the pictures of the Rutgers snowmen, students staying up for days straight during finals, pictures at home basketball games and other sporting events. If you don’t like the idea of it and what you could possibly see, then don’t follow the account. It’s that simple. 

Kathleen Brown is a School of Arts and Sciences senior.

Kathleen Brown

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