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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts


Turning television into knowledge, Anthony Tobia, associate professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School uses the popular show Seinfeld to teach psychiatry. Thanks for making the material relatable because let’s be honest — we were all watching Netflix instead of doing the assigned reading. This laurel is for all the educators out there, like Tobia, who use contemporary television to teach their lessons.


In a vote of the state assembly yesterday, lawmakers agreed with Governor Christie’s veto of a bipartisan bill that would restore roughly $90 worth of food stamps to over 160,000 children and senior citizens. Had it passed, the vote would have overturned Christie’s veto and restored the funds. This dart is for the state politicians who failed to speak up for those dependent on government aid.


After seven and a half years, Rutgers has exceeded its fundraising goal of $1 billion. Through the “Our Rutgers, Our Futures,” campaign, almost $500 million was raised to fund education, research projects, the athletics department and more. Moreover, $286.1 million will be used to foster student learning in addition to creating nearly 450 new endowed scholarships and fellowships. This laurel is for anyone who contributed to the campaign — thanks for helping to make the University a better, more adequately funded, place.


Rutgers was recently ranked in the top 50 for schools with a “sugar baby increase.” More than 300 University students have registered profiles with seekingarrangement.com, a website designed to match students with wealthy benefactors. This dart goes out to the rising cost of a college education forcing students to go to extreme lengths in order to pay for rent, tuition and textbooks.


Researchers at Rutgers have been awarded a $550,000 grant to continue looking into autism, spectrum disorders and child developmental disorders in New Jersey, where one in 45 children are diagnosed with autism. The grant comes as part of the Center for Disease Control’s decision to invest $20 million over the next four years to track autism prevalence. This laurel goes out to all the researchers working on this project. Good luck!


Snowstorm Juno may just be the letdown of the year, so far at least. Meteorologists predicted New York and New Jersey would get at least two feet of snow, effectively shutting down the MTA and Port Authority and causing Governor Christie to implement a travel ban. Juno also prompted the University to shut down (Targum production was halted for two days.) This dart is for all the meteorologists that got it wrong — we know this isn’t the first time, and we’re sure it won’t be the last. 

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