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Week in Review: Laurels and Darts



For School of Arts and Sciences seniors Rachel Bernstein and Natalia Del Rio, it’s Bill Nye or bust. The two girls started off the social media campaign #BowTie4BillNye to ensure that “The Science Guy” will be the 2015 commencement speaker. This laurel goes out to Bernstein and Del Rio: Seniors deserve to have more input in who speaks at commencement each year, especially after last year’s Condi scandal.

Tuition Troubles

A recent study from the University of South Carolina found that the price of higher education in America has increased by 250 percent in the past three decades. Salaries, however, have not increased at the same rate, and the job market has proved that a college degree is now more than a necessity. This dart goes out to the high cost of a college education — it should not be so hard to pay for a piece of paper.

Move Aside Beyonce

For five weeks, Rutgers student Andrew Rodriguez will be running the world — literally. The School of Arts and Sciences senior is set to embark on “Run the World 2k15,” celebrating his father’s recovery from prostate cancer. The series of five 13-mile half marathons will begin in Paris on March 8 and end right here in New Brunswick on April 12. We laurel Rodriguez for his dedication and commitment to honoring his father — you love him like XO.

Followers and Friends

Cyber pals are nothing like the real ones. A study by the University of California Los Angeles found that incoming college first-year students are spending less time socializing with peers and more time with online activities. This dart is for all the first-years who would rather scroll through social media than get to know their peers. Don’t miss out on the good times because you couldn’t get off Tumblr. 

Leaving Your Mark

This week, University students came together at the 2015 Mark Conference. They listened to artists, leaders in technology and business and others speak on their life stories. Similarly, the interactive activities were a positive outlet for students to share their experiences. We laurel the Mark Conference for inspiring University students to succeed and leave a positive mark on the world.

No Job Security

Being a part-time lecturer is no walk in the park. Every three or four months, they are required to reapply for their positions, meaning employment is not guaranteed. Additionally, they are not given health benefits and are paid per credit. We dart the system of employment for part-time lecturers, they are members of the Rutgers community and valued University employees, and deserve to be treated as such. 

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