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Column is unclear, author fails to make accurate assertions

Letter to the Editor

I'm writing about Radcliffe Bent's recent opinion piece "Rutgers expectations, standards are dumb, you are proof." It was, quite frankly, an awful read. Now, I know that opinions are opinions, and my opinion might be dumb. I may be dumb, but do you have to tell me "you are dumb" three times in the space of a minute?

Can you get any more tedious? Because tedious is tedious. Am I right or am I right? Cause I know I'm not wrong because I'm right (and other tautologies).

Alright, look, I know that tautologies have that great Yogi Berra, zen koan, je ne sais qua about them. But I read something like a silent slam poem asking me "If a tree falls in the forest does it make the sound of one hand clapping? Because Yogi Berra once said that it ain't dumb until its dumb."

And if you didn't get what I'm saying, well that's because I believe in continental philosophy's love to obfuscate. But don't worry there's great meaning in the absurdity of my words.

Alright, let me try summarize Bent one more time. Premise 1: College is dumb because it makes assumptions. Premise 2: We students rarely question those assumptions. Conclusion 1: We students are dumb because we don't question those assumptions. Premise 3: We students don't want to be dumb. Conclusion 2: We should question those assumptions. (...) Premise 11: Showing off you know academic concepts without explaining them is pretentious. Conclusion 13: I don't know how to organize a letter.

Shaodi Huang is a Rutgers University alumnus. 

Shaodi Huang

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