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#FreeTheNipple — Cabaret Theatre's 2015 Directors Showcase brings fresh talent on stage


Cabaret Theatre hosted their 2015 annual edition of the Director’s Showcase last Friday as an opportunity for first-time directors to present a one-act play of their choosing.

The event itself gave many students, directors and actors exposure to theatre and the production process. Actors consisted of seasoned, experienced Cabaret performers and students who were just getting their feet wet for the first time on stage.

Elizabeth Alt, a School of the Arts and Sciences first-year student, gave her thoughts on how her first directing experience went.

“Working with characterization was the hardest part for me. It's one thing to watch a show, but it’s another thing to talk about the characters, what they mean and how to say certain lines,” Alt said. “Overall though, it was a really positive experience and I would love to do more directing. I’ve been in theatre for long time, but it is my first time not on stage.”

The Director’s Showcase is a tradition that Cabaret takes seriously, considering it is how some of the more experienced members of the Cabaret staff got their own introduction to theatre. 

Theatre Coordinator Kimberly Bollard, a School of Arts and Sciences junior, had some passionate words about the event.

“I was a sophomore last year and I came here not really sure what I was doing,” Bollard said. “It 'kinda' changed the way I saw things and I was like, 'I want to do theatre for the rest of my life,' and it served as a catalyst for me and I became really heavily involved with Cabaret Theatre.”

The series of one-act plays varied significantly with the type of content they contained. Some of the event's acts were more comical with parodies of Off-Off-Broadway productions, including American’s reactions to security in airports and even an old Jewish man gambling with death.

The Cabaret staff never seems to miss an opportunity to speak out on political issues they feel strongly about.

“Trash,” written by Rutgers alumni Justice Herir and Alyssa Krompier, was one of the evening’s one-act plays that stood out in particular.

The play takes place on the side of a highway, two girls are paying their debts to society by cleaning up trash and discuss why they are both in the positions they are in. 

One of the women was very outspoken about how she was arrested for simply taking her shirt off. She went on to speak about why American civil law should “free the nipple”.

Alt said she likes scenes that are a little bit controversial and push the audience to think about things they’re normally not comfortable with.

“Nipples are not flying around people others aren’t here and that’s the problem,” Bollard said. “I just think it’s so stupid girls have to cover their bodies. If they want to that’s okay, but if they don’t want to they shouldn’t have to.”

Cabaret Theatre did an excellent job of bringing some new faces onto stage last Friday, while making sure new directors were able to show off their talent as well. 

Cabaret is an inviting and wholesome community that host shows throughout the fall and spring semesters that are chock full of colorful content. Be sure to get tickets to the next show!

Nick Demarest

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