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Who needs men when you can spend time with your gal pals?


The only thing better than having a significant other on Valentine’s Day is having an Ann Perkins to your Leslie Knope on the dreaded Feb. 14. Since when do all those cutesy posts on Instagram and Facebook have to be just for you and your significant other? Here are some ways you and your best friend can spend the weekend avoiding sappy posts on social media.

Have a spa day

If going out to a spa isn’t your cup of tea, have a night in with your laptop open, ready to scroll through Pinterest for DIY ideas. Paint each other's nails and (very carefully) try out some DIY face masks.

Have a movie night

What’s a better day to binge-watch girly movies with your friends than Valentine’s Day? Now is the time to break out classics from your childhood, like "Clueless," "13 Going on 30" and "Mean Girls."

Go out for brunch

There’s just something so very "Sex and the City" about ordering mimosas and getting tipsy with your friends at 1 p.m.. If you’re 21 and have a lot of pent up gossip to lay out on the table, this is a great option. It’s also good in case one, or even both of you have significant others to spend the evening with.

Make sweet snacks

Strawberries, melted chocolate and whipped cream are all forms of delicious food porn. Therefore, they have no right, being strictly a snack to share with your significant other. Melt chocolate in a small bowl and put some whipped cream in another. Then, put the bowls in plates and lay the strawberries around the bowl. There you have it, an Instagram-worthy, totally platonic and sweet snack.

Go out

So what if it’s Valentine’s Day, who’s stopping you from hitting the bars with your friends? There’s no shame in going out just because it’s Feb. 14. Use it as an excuse to get all dressed up, or screw it all and go in sweatpants — who cares? There’s no one to impress, you’re here for Galentine’s Day anyway.

Susmita Paruchuri

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