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LETTER: Hillel invites Muslim community to discuss issues, create ties


To The Editor:

Rutgers Hillel is shocked and disturbed by the Feb. 17 column, "Attempts by Hillel to combat Islamophobia is self-serving."The column's non-sequitur attacks take aim at a year-and-a-half-old program, Hillel's new building and a former U.S. ambassador to a United Nations commission. The op-ed casts a broad net over Rutgers Hillel, whose constituency includes the largest undergraduate Jewish population in North America. This rhetoric places the author's Jewish classmates in a difficult position. Thus, for the sake of all parties involved as the greater Rutgers community, we do not intend to engage in a counter-productive, endless debate in the The Daily Targum. Nevertheless, Hillel recognizes that significant tensions exist between the Jewish and Muslim communities on campus. This is incredibly unfortunate, and it cannot be denied. We are working to repair this damaged relationship. We are leaders in the Jewish community, but we are also Rutgers students, and we experience many of the negative ramifications of a strained inter-communal relationship. Therefore, we would like to invite our Muslim peers to meet with us personally and discuss obstacles to positive ties between our respective campus communities.

Alex Hamilton is a School of Arts and Sciences senior majoring in Jewish studies and president of Rutgers Hillel. Evan Gottesman is a School of Arts and Sciences junior majoring in history and political science, and the Israel co-chair of Rutgers Hillel. Benjamin Kern is a Rutgers Business School sophomore majoring in business management and Jewish studies, and the Israel co-chair of Rutgers Hillel. Paulee Manich is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore majoring in genetics, and the Reform community co-chair of Rutgers Hillel.


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Alex Hamilton

Evan Gottesman

Benjamin Kern

Paulee Manich

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