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Rutgers Student Affairs announces Knight's Watch to protect students

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PHOTO ILLUSTRATION | Kerri Willson, the director of Off-Campus Living and Community Partnerships, announced the Knight's Watch, a new safety initiative aimed at protecting students.

Surrounded by members of the University community at last night’s basketball game, Kerri Willson announced a new initiative to help ensure the safety of Rutgers students.

The Knight’s Watch is a new campaign aimed at making sure students are more aware of the resources they have to stay safe, as well as have them watch out for each other, said Wilson, director of Off-Campus Living and Community Partnerships at the University, in an email.

“There will be some programmatic initiatives in the residence halls regarding safety awareness, as well as self-defense workshops (and) community walks through each campus to highlight areas on concern that can be addressed,” she said.

Last semester, the Off-Campus Living and Community Partnerships also began a neighborhood watch program, which will be combined with the Knight’s Watch. They intend to partner with the Rutgers University Police Department to increase visible presence in local communities.

Part of the program’s aim is to make sure students know about the different resources they can take advantage of, she said.

“We want people to know who their neighbors are, report suspicious activity and take care of each other,” she said.

Most of the aspects to the Knight’s Watch program already exist in one form or another at Rutgers, she said. The purpose of the watch is to combine the measures into one cohesive unit, which students will be able to recognize through its logo.

“We recognize Rutgers is a big place and you can find information in various places — we want to address that, have students receive consistent information and be confident in how we are addressing concerns,” she said.


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Nikhilesh De

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