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5 ways to make money selling clothes via online


The sun is out longer now and you need to put away your winter uniform — sweatshirt and sweatpants. It is time for some online shopping, but after spending all your money over spring break your bank account is looking pretty sad. Here are ways to kill two birds with one stone. Empty out your closet while making some money that you can use to buy new spring and summer clothes!

1. Poshmark

Pro: They e-mail you the shipping label, so you don’t have to worry about buying the correct postage or scheduling a pick up.

Con: There is a flat-rate commission for sales under $15. Poshmark takes $2.95, and for sales of $15 or more, Poshmark's commission is 20 percent.

2. Depop

Pro: It is linked to PayPal, so if someone does not send you an item, PayPal will reimburse you.

Con: They do not provide shipping labels, so to avoid paying for shipping out of pocket, make sure you charge the buyer for shipping costs when listing the item. Customers may ask to just swap items, so make sure you are clear about you want to sell.

3. Threadflip

Pro: Threadflip provides a full-service feature and a prepaid box, takes pictures and sells for you.

Cons: The flat-rate commission is 20 percent on all items.

4. Tradesy

Pro: Tradesy provides a shipping kit and handles messy returns. Tradesy also offers advice to make pictures appear more professional and suggests market price.

Con: The flat-rate commission is nine percent is on all items. They also list higher-end, designer goods with fewer, fast fashion, mass-market brands.

5. Ebay

Pro: Ebay is a multi-national corporation with a money-back guarantee. If you don't receive an item or get paid, eBay will help you resolve any problems.

Cons: The first 50 listings are free and it costs $0.30 per additional listings.

Here are some tips to make each method worth it:

- Each campus has a post office where you can pick up priority boxes for free from UPS.

- Write a simple thank you note to your buyer.

- Give out a bundle discount offering 10 percent off if a customer buys three or more items.

- Network with other buyers by commenting, liking and sharing.

- Make sure when you are buying, there are good feedbacks on the seller’s profile.

Kelley Chung

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