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Reasons to be with family over spring break

Family going on vacations

Ah finally, it is spring break, a week filled with sleep and absolutely no academic responsibilities. To college students all across America, spring break is a week spent with friends, sun bathing, good music and drinks all around! What about mom, dad and Fido at home? These are a few reasons why you should go on vacation with the good ol’ family!

Nothing beats good old family bonding.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, you have to keep the drinking to a minimum. That may put a damper on your go-wild spring break plans, but nothing beats hanging around with mom and dad. Think about it. You’ve been away at school for months now. Your parents haven’t seen you in a while, and after college you will rarely be home. Take advantage of the time you have with them now. You never know, going to Cancun with your family could be the best spring break you will ever have!

You won’t come back to school broker than you already are!

Whether it be meals or activities your family is planning to do, you can almost always rely on mom and dad to spot you.

You can actually post your spring break pictures on Facebook!

You can share the awesome time you had with your family without the risk of not getting hired for any future jobs.

You get to spend time with your dog!

Who wouldn’t want to spend spring break with their favorite four-legged friend!

Safety is always your mother’s first priority.

Ever come back to school looking like a lobster because you forgot to wear sunscreen? Well, your mother will ensure that you will be protected from the harmful sun rays.


Roshni Kamta

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