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DEMAREST: Constituents should shift focus to local representation

Opinions Column: Tax and Turmoil


In the last few weeks, I think it is fair to say that practically anyone you talk to is not happy about the two major party candidates for the presidential election. At this point I want to make it completely clear that I think the nagging rhetoric that "Americans deserve better" should stop immediately.

First of all, the American people have gotten themselves into this really messy, unsettling situation. The campaigning process for the 2016 primaries election started earlier than in any previous election so we had more than enough time to research, select and advocate for the candidates that we felt were fittest to be the President of the United States.

Everyday I am seeing more and more complaints on social, print and online media about the candidates with an underlying claim that they are not fit to be the leader of the free world. In my opinion that just brings me to the conclusion that the candidates are not necessarily unfit for the job, but we as a people decided to lower the standard of character required of the President when we nominated these two people.

That is why I am finding myself in a situation where I know personally I am not going to see the type of change I would like to see coming out of the executive office of the President of the United States regardless of who is elected. Especially after hearing this week that Hillary Clinton’s case with the FBI may be reopened, and Donald Trump is still on his typical tirade of blatantly childish behavior.

So I am really pondering deeply about my concern for the economic, political and ecological environments of the United States but also wondering how I can address them. Well a good portion of the legislative branch of the Federal Government, also known as Congress, is up for reelection this coming election day.

I challenge you and everyone you affiliate with to do some deep digging on what laws you want to see passed in Washington over the next few years, and who do you realistically see having the practical expertise to help them be executed.

I know in my personal circumstance being a college student in New Jersey, during the highest-priced tuition period in the history of college education, I do not feel any of the legislators that represent me are doing their job adequately, and I promise to do everything in my power to make it clear that the New Jersey’s incumbents in the Senate do not give a hoot about me.

The legislators that hold seats in Washington for extended periods of time are nothing but elitists who deserve to be shamed, held accountable and ridiculed for their failures. The nature of their positions should imply that they are servants by working in public service, and we, as young voters, should take initiative in making them recognize that if they do not service us they will not receive our votes.

Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) and U.S. Congressional Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. (D-N.J. 6th District) are the 3 officials who personally represent me in Washington. Based on the current tuition I am required to pay at my State University, my overwhelming federal tax obligation and the fact that my public “servants” make more than triple the national average income means that they are not men of character, but greedy, self-serving con-artists who want nothing more than a vote from me.

Nothing I am trying to make clear in this column is based on any political affiliation but on the combination of content and quality of the work produced by representatives. You will make a bigger difference in your community if you spread the word of someone who personally is speaking on your behalf in Washington and make it a reality that they will be replaced if they do not do as they promise time and time again.

Think of yourself as board member at a large corporation and you set standards for your executives for every 1-5 years in terms of financial and operational performance. If you band together with your neighbors by using that same trial-and-replace process large corporations successfully use (to succeed a reality for what is expected of your local representative, and) I can assure with great confidence that more tangible results will be met in reasonable timeframes.

I will leave you with this. If you have yet to see what you want to happen — you know, actually happen — get rid of the idiot who said he would do it. Just because people like Cory Booker say words that seem to resonate heavily with you doesn’t mean he or any of his colleagues have done anything to benefit you.

Nicholas Demarest is a Rutgers Business School senior majoring in accounting. His column, “Tax and Turmoil,” runs on alternating Mondays.

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Nicholas Demarest

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