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Scarlet Anchor Society fundraises for Rutgers Naval ROTC Unit


Courtesy of Jessica Glickman | The Scarlet Anchor Society is a group of Naval ROTC cadets who volunteer their time to raise funds for activities their unit participates in. They also volunteer for events like the Scarlet Day of Service.

The Scarlet Anchor Society helps members of the Naval Reserves Officers Training Corps (ROTC) raise money in order to lower the costs of events that cadets participate in.

“It’s a club that supports the Naval ROTC on campus,” said Jessica Glickman, a School of Arts and Sciences senior and president of the club. “It helps them to do training and things they need to in order to graduate.”

Glickman, who joined the club four years ago after she becoming apart of the Naval ROTC, said the Scarlet Anchor Society benefits her because it helps lower the cost of events. 

“The Scarlet Anchor Society is mostly made up of ROTC members,” said Kevin Moran, a School of Arts and Science junior and treasurer of the club. “We fundraise so we can do events through NROTC.”

The club, founded in 2012, participates in community service events like bagging at Shoprite, volunteering at Scarlet Day of Service and helping out with security at football games, Moran said. Bake sales happen twice a semester.

For this year's Scarlet Day of Service, the group went to the Franklin Sports Complex and helped clean up baseball fields by picking up trash, Glickman said.

“We have bake sales every once in a while, (a) Buffalo Wild Wings fundraiser,” School of Arts and Sciences senior Matthew Moeller said. “We have at least 10 people show up to each (football) game. They work the gates, check tickets, standing posts, make sure people aren’t smoking inside the stadium. It’s pretty much what the people in yellow shirts do.”

At ShopRite, students bag items for customers. Often, Moeller said these customers tip them.

The society also participates in a tri-service challenge every spring semester, Moeller said. 

"Every ROTC (unit) that is on campus, we help fund the food and anything else that’ll help pay for the event," he said.

The society also partakes in competitions every semester. Moeller said they compete in athletic events, whether it be 5K races, 400-meter races, 80-meter races, fastball and drill events.

“Each semester we have a military excellence competition our ROTC unit,” Moeller said. “We use the funds to help pay for that.”

 Christopher Bohorquez is a School of Arts and Sciences junior. He is a staff writer for The Daily Targum.

Christopher Bohorquez

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