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EDITORIAL: Trump disparages half of population

Comments about women show he is unqualified for presidency


At this point, anything offensive that seeps out of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s mouth is not news — it’s expected. When the Washington Post came forward with a video recording of a conversation between Trump and “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush where Trump asserted that he could seduce any woman because, “When you’re a star, they let you do it,” the public was appalled. In response to the 2005 video, Trump sought to distance himself from his crass remarks, saying, “Anyone who knows me knows these words don’t reflect who I am.” But don’t they, Mr. Trump?

For a man of 70 years of age, claiming that the comments you made when you were 59 years old are unrepresentative of the person you are now is disingenuous at best, especially when everything you have said after the fact is supportive of the person you claim to no longer be. Trump claims that he “cherishes” women, however he has gone on the record to qualify that perhaps it is only their posteriors that he cares about. His disdain for breastfeeding, his reversal on abortion and his labeling of women as gold diggers are merely the beginnings of what his views on women entail.

In March of 2006, Trump had a television appearance where he stated that if Ivanka Trump were not his daughter, he would have dated her. Some people would shrug this off as slightly cringeworthy, however, in a recent interview with Howard Stern, Trump allows Stern to call his daughter a “piece of ass.” How can a man who has any respect for women refer to his own daughter with such crude language? The answer is simple: He cannot. Trump has no respect for women.

This was true in 2005 and it has been true every year since. In 2013, Trump took to Twitter to give his input about rape in the military. In response to the subject, he tweeted, “What did these geniuses expect when they put men & women together?” Trump’s assertion that having men and women in the same place is an inevitable gateway to sexual assault is demonstrative of his sense of entitlement to women that he displays in his conversation in 2005. This is also true of his comments in 2011 when he angrily called an opposing lawyer who wanted to breastfeed her daughter “disgusting.” Not only is Trump’s stance on women disrespectful, but childish and derogatory. These statements that he supports and asserts himself while on his campaign trail make it difficult to understand what part of his behavior or personal values appeal to his voters.

In a tweet from 2015, Trump asks, “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her own husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?” His comments, very closely resembling those of a middle schooler, should have no place in the presidential race. And yet Trump continues to make them and make excuses for them.

Had his comments from 2005 been a first and last time offense, it would not be entirely impossible to believe that a sincere apology would have lessened the outrage of the public. But neither of these things are true. Not only was this Trump’s umpteenth transgression, but his apology was anything but reflective or wholehearted. Rather, he dismissed them and immediately redirected the argument to say that former President Bill Clinton had said worse. How has a man who cannot take responsibilities for his own actions and refers to 50.4 percent of the population as “fat slobs” and “pigs” managed to become the frontrunner of the Republican Party?

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