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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | March 3, 2017



RU FeelGood is a Rutgers student organization whose members are working to end world hunger by improving social consciousness as well as skills in entrepreneurship. They are preparing a grilled cheese fundraiser where members of the group will make and sell the sandwiches. Not only will these students learn about entrepreneurship, but the money raised will go to partner organizations to help sustainably end world hunger. We laurel RU FeelGood for creating a fun (and delicious) way to help a world issue.


The president of the Rutgers Conservative Union posted a flyer into several Rutgers University graduating class Facebook pages. It was recently discovered that these flyers followed the same template as those that were posted by the American Vanguard, advising people to "Take your country back" and to "Imagine a Muslim-free America." We dart the Rutgers Conservative Union for basing their message on the foundation of a white supremacist group that advocates for the alienation of other groups.


The Rutgers Business School came under criticism recently after some business school students were turned away from attending a career fair because of the color of their clothing. After much protest and even the circulation of a petition, the Rutgers Business School has tried to rectify their actions by reconnecting the students who unable to go to the career fair with recruiters. They are also planning another job fair in April. We laurel Rutgers Business School for taking actions to right their wrongs.


After reaching a record-high temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit for February on Friday, David Robinson, a professor in the Department of Geography, researched why temperatures were reaching this height. Through a National Aeronautics and Space Administration press release, he found that global climate change is affecting the daily temperatures. NASA also predicts that winters are likely to get warmer. We dart people for not considering these negative consequences or taking climate change as seriously as they should.


RU Experience celebrated their second annual "Lollanobooza" last Friday. The celebration focuses on having a fun, alcohol-free night. The liquor-less night was 90s themed and featured different games and activities that encouraged safe drinking attitudes. There was also an all-you-can-eat buffet, which included dinosaur chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese and potato smiles. We laurel RU Experience for creating a fun and safe alternative to drinking on a Friday night.


The New Jersey Public Interest Research Group (NJPIRG)'s is currently focused on pushing Unilever, the parent corporation of Dove, Axe and Vaseline, to disclose potentially harmful ingredients used in their products. Previously, the list of ingredients on Unilever products was not comprehensive. Although Unilever is attempting to make corrections by implementing the use of a SmartLabel in 2018, NJPIRG is pushing for them to disclose ingredients on its packaging. We dart Unilever for not creating accessible and more comprehensive ways for consumers to check product ingredients.

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