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EDITORIAL: Dining Services decision is in good taste

Healthy alternatives to take-out menu are great news for U. students


Almost every Rutgers student has heard some kind of complaint against the choices for food that are offered at the University, and a lot of these criticisms revolve around the options provided at take-out. So, for those who are against some of Rutgers’ “grease-inclined” food choices such as chicken nuggets and hash browns, the University has some good news.

Rutgers is planning on replacing some of the less healthy options at take-out with healthier alternatives. Some of these changes include replacing fried chicken wings and hot sauces with baked ones seasoned with natural spices. These plans are made to start this month in just Neilson Dining Hall as a test, and after trial and error, hope to be fully complete by the end of next semester and in the other three dining halls.

By “trial and error,” the University means that, because it can determine how many students swipe in for take-out, they can see which options are most popular amongst students and then use this information to determine which options to keep and which ones to replace.

All of these changes are part of an initiative called Menus for Change, which works to bring more “social responsibility” back to the foodservice industry.

Although the final menu for the implementation of Menus for Change is not yet complete as this is an ongoing procedure, some other projected changes include chicken burgers and blended burger patties with mushrooms.

This is not just good news for students who are tired of the grease of chicken nuggets and breakfast hash browns — this is great news for every student who gets take-out throughout their busy weeks.

Take-out is often the best solution for students who are hungry after the dining halls close, students who do not have time to sit down for a meal and students who do not have or wish to spend money on food from anywhere else. And when mozzarella sticks, fried mac & cheese and buffalo wings have become meals more than once throughout the week for students, these changes could not have come at a better time.

College students who are always stressed and on-the-go need healthier options throughout the week to sustain some sort of healthy lifestyle for themselves. But although these changes are a positive thing for the Rutgers community, perhaps it would be best to not completely eradicate the unhealthy options that are available. Dining Services should remember that although we do need healthier options, we are still college students at the end of the day and sometimes, even if it is just once a week, we want food that may not necessarily be good for us.

Although it is wonderful that Dining Services is attempting to fix its entire take-out menu and we want these changes to follow through, Rutgers could have made students equally as happy just by putting in a little more effort into the menu that it has now, especially the “healthy” options available. A salad at take-out is almost equivalent to throwing iceberg lettuce into a plastic container and allowing students to drain it in whatever dressing is provided that day. Perhaps offering a salad bar at takeout rather than the aforementioned option would be a huge improvement.

At the end of the day, we are enthusiastic about the new changes that are about to come to the take-out menu. But we are equally as thankful that Rutgers even has take-out in the first place, as it is not something that is offered at every other university. Rutgers students should be excited about the way the University is changing the meaning of “Bite Night” as they know it. 

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