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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | September 29, 2017



The Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA) held the first-ever Mental Health Town Hall featuring a Health and Wellness Committee. The meeting was comprised of a panel of speakers from different groups, organizations and services on campus in discourse about mental health. This discussion included resources available to students on campus who are seeking mental health care. We laurel RUSA for spearheading the efforts to make mental health a bigger concern on campus.


Theodore Petti, a professor in the Department of Psychiatry, has expressed concerns that marijuana users are under-researched regarding the effects of the drug. He has discussed that both tractional and synthetic cannabinoids have been found to have more potency and potential long-term effects. Developing psychosis and altering one’s brain’s neurotransmitters are some of the possible effects. We dart the lack of research that is being conducted on a drug that is being used recreationally (and medically).


Pi Lambda Phi held its annual “Wall of Prejudice” charity event in front of the College Avenue Student Center. The fraternity held this demonstration to show students the prejudices that other students face on a regular basis. They started the week with having students write derogatory terms they have been called in the past onto the wall and planned to tear the wall down at the end of the week. Money that students will pay to swing the hammer at the wall will be donated to the Elimination of Prejudice Foundation. We laurel the brothers of Pi Lambda Phi for holding such a powerful event about something so important.


Students have banded together to sign a petition to add more buses to Rutgers' transportation system. So far, the petition has 1,600 signatures expressing students’ complaints against the current way transportation is being handled. Students have also suggested that getting bigger buses instead of more buses would be helpful as well. We dart the aging bus system and the fact that it has caused the need for so many students to voice their concerns about it.


A Rutgers professor has gained acclamation after creating a drone that can travel both underwater and in the air. Professor Francisco Javier Diez named his drone The Naviator and has been crafting it for almost five years. He explained that the drone represents a technological leap because there is now the possibility of creating other forms of transportation that can follow a similar model. We laurel Professor Diez for not only inventing something so revolutionary but also for representing the University so well in the scientific community.


John Bacchus from the New Jersey Public Interest Research Group (NJPIRG) has said that college students are some of the least likely demographics to vote, especially in New Jersey state elections. This is why NJPIRG is trying its hardest to help students register to vote. NJPIRG has also explained that part of the reason that college students are less likely to vote is because they might be uninformed about the elections. We dart the fact that college students are not more civically engaged, especially when they are the future of the country.

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