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When studying for midterms gets stressful, use these tips to unwind

The hazy mess of coffee trips, library visits and sleepless nights are all signs are showing that midterm season is here. All-too-familiar stress is being piled upon us like the leaves to the grounds, like 50 grams of syrupy sugar to our pumpkin-flavored lattes. Whether it's your first round of midterms or your last, reading up on a few tips can't hurt while preparing for exams. Here are just a few ways to combat midterm stress.

Know a dog

That friend you have with a golden retriever pup or your neighbor with a brand new kitten? Pay them a visit. The companionship of small and super cute animals is therapeutic and helps lower your stress levels, so you’ll be ready to tackle some midterms.

Study in comfort

While studying, try to make it the most pleasant experience you can by creating an environment where you will be at your coziest. Make a cup of warm coffee or tea, wear your favorite fuzzy sweater — do whatever you need to feel your best and get to work.

Reward yourself

There are many sneaky ways you can incorporate fun into your studying. You can treat yourself to a meme, funny video or five minutes of Twitter at milestones. However, be mindful of how much time you dedicate to a study break.

Enjoy your favorite sweet treat

Once you’ve finished tonight’s study sesh, bask in the glory of a small bowl of pistachio ice cream or oven-fresh chocolate-chip cookies. Indulging in a sweet treat is both motivating and rewarding.

Watch an episode or two

If you’re not feeling sweets, snuggle up in your bed and savor a comedic treat. After devoting hours to books and notes, it’s hard to feel guilty indulging in a 30-minute escape.

Pump up your endorphins

You can channel your midterm stress in some mind-body improvement with a little exercise. Going running, taking on a 20-minute high-intensity workout or rolling out the yoga mat is a staple way to release endorphins, clear your mind and give you more energy in the long run. Not only will it feel rejuvenating, it will also improve the quality of your sleep. With exercise videos on YouTube, you won’t even have to stray from your four walls.

Find time to for an activity you enjoy

If exercise doesn’t do it for you, channel your pent-up energy elsewhere and de-stress with your favorite creative force. Write a poem or paint, take to the kitchen to learn how to make a French omelet or even re-organize your bookshelf.

Relate to others

Another way to relieve stress is to talk it out with some classmates: Talking with people you can relate to about the same troubles is something that many find to be helpful. Plus, in your interactions, you may recruit a study buddy to slam the stress by the power of two.

With the help of these tips, you’ll be on your way to cooling down, diminishing your stress and succeeding on your tests.

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