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HORU October 9, 2017

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"Music has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. I started out with private piano lessons in elementary school and eventually violin lessons in school in 5th grade, though I didn't really become the passionate musician I am today, until middle school. My three best friends at the time were all violinists, and when they advanced ahead of me, I became more competitive, and tried to improve myself by practicing a ton. I continued with violin in high school, and started learning a few other instruments as well. I’m also really passionate about foreign languages, so I would translate my favorite songs and learn to play my guitar and sing along with them. In college I joined the swing club, opening up a whole new world of dance and 20s-40s music. Violin continues to play a big roll in my life, and whenever life gets too dull or stressful, I like to pick random spots around campus and play for a couple hours."

Malaika Jawed

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