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Hundreds of Rutgers students raced across campus this weekend for RU Muddy

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The annual RU Muddy event at Rutgers encourages students to get outside and partake in 3.5 miles of obstacles, trails and water crossings. Hundreds of students and faculty took part in this year’s run and the festivities that followed.

Students were not afraid to get down and dirty this past Friday at the University's annual "RU Muddy" event. 

"RU Muddy" is a 3.5-mile run that moves through the intramural fields and the Ecological Preserve. The run is filled with obstacles like natural hurdles, water crossings, trail running and a mud pit. 

After the run, there were festivities which included a DJ performance, food and drinks. People also participated in in a pull-up competition and other activities.

All Rutgers students, faculty, staff and members of the Rutgers community are able to participate in this event. Guests outside of the Rutgers community were able to participate as well but must be registered by those who are affiliated with the University.

The run can be as tough and challenging as you want it to be, according to their website.

“We have designed this course so that competitive runners can challenge themselves. However, we invite beginner/novice runners or walkers to participate. Those who are up for the challenge will run as much of this course as possible and tackle every obstacle. For those who just want to have fun, take your time on the course and enjoy the scenery while overcoming the obstacles with the help of your friends!” the website said.

Patricia Kolesa, a School of Environmental and Biological Sciences junior, said that this was her first time participating in the event.

“I was expecting it to be similar to a cross country course, but my other roommate and I were surprised by the hurdles, tires and exercises at different stations through the course,” she said.

Kolesa compared the run to a mini boot camp.

“Everyone was encouraging, even when we had to stop and catch a breath, which made it more fun and rewarding when we actually finished the whole thing," she said. 

The event had no winners because it is not timed, but competitive runners can track their own times using the clocks on the course.

There are also showers and fire trucks at the end of the run to help clean off.

“The first mud pit felt gross and I didn't dip all the way down cause I was hesitant but you were basically forced to dive in on the one at the end and you had people dumping shovels of mud from your left and right, so it was fun until I got it in my eyes,” Kolesa said.

"RU Muddy" also provided an area for the disposal of sneakers. Flip flops were available for the first 250 participants who handed in their dirty sneakers.

"RU Muddy" partnered with USAgain to collect shoes for recycling and reuse. The shoes that were collected will be given a second life by people around the world.

USAgain is a company that collects unwanted textiles and resells them in the United States and abroad. Millions of pounds of clothing are diverted from ending up in landfills and they generate new revenue streams for United States businesses and non-profits.

According to RU Muddy's website, it is a great group participation activity as well.

The Pretty Girls Sweat organization attended the mud run. In a previous The Daily Targum article, members said they were excited to participate this year.

Mackenzie Heffernan, a School of Arts and Sciences senior, participated in the race with The Pretty Girls Sweat organization. She founded the Rutgers team this year and said she plans for the group to participate in the Big Chill as well. 

“Things got a little messy today on Livingston campus," the club said in a Facebook post after the race. "But it was definitely one to check off the Rucket list.”

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