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McGinty talks Rutgers students affairs and those with children at RUSA meeting

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At Thursday night’s RUSA meeting, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Felicia McGinty spoke with students about how the University’s Division of Student Affairs plans on implementing new services and events for students. She said that oftentimes students are unaware of resources available to them due to how large Student Affairs is.


On Thursday, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Felicia McGinty spoke on her divisions goal of providing students with more resources to improve their experience at the University during the Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA) weekly meeting. 

After calling its meeting into session and approving the minutes from the last meeting, RUSA President Evan Covello introduced McGinty to the Assembly.

McGinty said that Student Affairs is large, and students can often get confused as to what services it provides and how they can benefit from them. She went over the Division's strategic areas, which include health and wellness, campus community, student engagement, student advocacy and organizational development.

McGinty explained the budget, particularly the amount of capital Student Affairs has access to, at length. She broke down where Student Affairs gets its money, pointing out that the majority comes from student fees and “auxiliary revenues” like Dining Services.

Upcoming events like founder of the #MeToo movement Tarana Burke's visit to the College Avenue Gymnasium this Monday, are part of the Division’s Strategic Plan to focus on increasing sexual violence and safety awareness.

When it comes to scholarships and financial aid, there are never enough resources to meet student demands, McGinty said. She said that Rutgers and Student Affairs are looking to increase fundraising efforts to raise more money for need and merit-based scholarships. After her presentation, McGinty opened the floor for questions.

Among the crowd were members of Rutgers Students With Children (RSWC). The group represents and advocates for students who have children and need to balance both their academic and parental obligations. Before the start of the meeting, RSWC flyers were passed out detailing the difficulties students have had with getting information, support and establishing clear communication with the University. 

During a Q&A session, McGinty was asked why over the years Rutgers has failed to properly disseminate information about resources available for students with children, what Student Affairs is doing to improve its relationship with this nontraditional student group and why it has been so reluctant to engage with these members.

"After McGinty thanked the crowd members for their questions and addressed their concerns, students felt that the chancellor had not made enough of an effort in her responses and that she had dodged difficult questions," said Adeel Ahmed, co-president of RU Progressive.

McGinty has been the vice chancellor for Student Affairs since 2013. She brings more than 25 years of experience to Rutgers, previously serving in student engagement roles at Penn State, University of Maryland, Montclair State University, Northern Arizona University and University of California, Santa Cruz.

Following the chancellor’s presentation, the Assembly voted to pass legislation regarding the eligibility of students in other governing bodies to obtain RUSA membership. The bill allows members of governing councils to now participate fully in Student Assembly procedures.

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