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Stay local with these New Brunswick-based date night spots


Each February, rosy scents of seasons past return to pervade the February air. And there are dinner plans to be made, because of course, on Valentine’s Day you’re encouraged to cave in to consumerism. People expect you to soar past your standard rendezvous of Netflix, chill and a stringy pepperoni pizza with your lover. But it can be oh-so-tricky to lock down the perfect V-Day dinner date, especially if dishing out serious dollars rightfully swipes away your romantic mood. Fortunately, New Brunswick has a diverse set of eateries, some pricier than others, where you can properly romance your honey.

Score delicious food at Stage Left Steak

If you’re looking for a steak dinner someplace elegant, Stage Left Steak is a staple. The eatery settled in Hub City 26 years ago and offers a scrumptious selection of steaks. You can cut into a filet as mignon as your sweetie’s heart and sip on a glass of wine from the steakhouse’s award-winning cellar. What more could you need?

Explore the cuisine at Catherine Lombardi

Italy epitomizes romance, but you can’t hit up Puglia in a pinch. This is where Catherine Lombardi’s comes in. The eatery immerses guests into a gorgeous culinary environment, with an emphasis on fresh seafood, and endless options at that. Veg-heads can dine on an excellent eggplant rollatini. To set the stage for a perfect Valentine’s Day, the restaurant has a picturesque fireplace to warm you into a loving mood.

Dine at Due Mari

For a white-linen, dimly-lit dinner, make sure Due Mari is on your list. Sure, it's Italian fare like Catherine Lombardi, but it has its own flair and an irresistible cocktail selection.

Stop by Destination Dogs 

As romantic as it’d be to visit Paris for the holiday, you have class tomorrow morning, remember? So grab your honey and allow Destination Dogs to take your taste buds on a satisfying journey instead. This well-reviewed New Brunswick restaurant serves up gourmet sausages inspired by different parts of the world at Stuff Yer Face prices. Combine that with a cocktail in a comfortably cool atmosphere, and you’ve got yourself a hot diggity date.

When in doubt, Stuff Yer Face

Maybe you want to catch dinner, but you’re not feeling fancy. There’s nothing wrong with biting at a ‘boli with your babe this Valentine’s Day. Stuff has delighted the stomachs of Rutgers students for years upon years, and it’s a mainstay of uber casual New Brunswick dining, which is pretty romantic.

It’s never too late to snag two seats for a romantic dinner of your choice on the loving holiday. New Brunswick has a rich selection of restaurants with cuisine from all over, ready to make your day extra sweet. But you should certainly remember that Valentine’s dinner is nothing without someone you love.

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