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Sex, relationship podcasts for your inner hopeless romantic

Whether you’re in the middle of a loveless winter of failed Bumble dates or you’re just seeking genuine advice in your life — love and sex podcasts are there for you. Like a really good friend, they unpack and unravel your greatest questions, some of which you didn’t even know you had, wherever you are. Love is complex — it can be messy, wonderful and so much more, and in just approximately 30 minutes, these podcasts highlight the highs, lows and the good stuff in-between.

One of the best things about podcasts is they’re so easy to listen to. You can intoxicate your ears with them in a car ride alongside your beau or bestie on the way to dinner (P.S., Jose Tejas in Woodbridge is a great date night spot, just less than 30 minutes away from campus during rush hour), you can make the packed 5 p.m. LX to College Avenue much more zen with some love talk or just snuggle up to your favorite fuzzy blanket while you rest your eyes and take the words in.

So pop in earbuds, connect to bluetooth, do what you need to. Just start listening and let the hosts dive in.

Loveline with Amber Rose

With topics ranging from body positivity to jealousy, savoring intimacy and slut shaming, Amber Rose brings a sex therapist into the mix of her contemporary show to deal with it all. The show usually lands a few minutes below the hour-mark, so definitely make a little more time for this one, but it’s well worth it. 

Savage Lovecast

Dan Savage, the host, has a bit of a cult-like following for a reason. He’s been a part of the podcast since 2006, and 12 years later, his signature wit, delivery and expertise have kept him around. Hear him out as he unravels everything that’s been holding you back in relationships, and maybe even submit a question of your own to the show.


For a critically acclaimed podcast that cuts through the noise of heteronormativity in most others, Nancy specifically takes on queer stories and conversations. It’s hosted by two best friends, neither having the name Nancy. It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, it’s playful, it’s tender. Listen to it with your friends or alone. 

Sex with Emily

For something that explores absolutely everything about sex, intimacy and love, host Emily Morse is your certified sexpert. The podcast is honest, nonjudgmental and it feels just like you’re catching a boozy breakfast with a pal — the kind of pal who actually knows exactly what she’s talking about, though. In just one episode, you can learn all about how to handle sticky relationship problems and how to spice up a date night. It’s best listened to wherever you’d like.

Modern Love

Ah, yes, Modern Love. You know that section in The New York Times, right? This is the podcast version of that. Think of it like the column, but with someone with a recognizable voice reading those treasured essays, like Uma Thurman, Judd Apatow or Colin Farrell. The weekly podcasts are then followed by a tiny interview with the essayist. They’re perfect for hopeless romantics, and are much like books: best consumed when you’re snug and alone.

Why Oh Why

So while this podcast is, as of recently, completely over, there’s something really special about its archive of more than 50 episodes. The segments are charmingly guided by host Andrea Silenzi, and they delve into love and relationships, from speed dating to beginnings to cutting lovers loose, in the digital age. If you’re looking to keep your thoughts busy on the bus or in the car, dip into Why Oh Why for all the answers.

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