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Spring (cleaning) is in the air: a guide to detoxing your closet

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As April approaches, a lot of us have already gotten started on our spring cleaning rituals. We are throwing away packets of readings from last semester, getting rid of any food that may have expired and, most importantly, dealing with our closets. Our wardrobe is an essential place that is involved with spring cleaning, as we may not realize that there are so many things we should get rid of. With new trends coming our way, we need to make room in our closets for our new favorite pieces of clothing. 

New trends are constantly appearing, which means that there are tons of trends that are going out of style, as well. While trends do make a comeback, there are definitely some styles that we can be assured that will not be in style any time soon. Those crazy printed leggings that you have had for a few years, such as galaxy or tribal print, can get tossed. Consider sticking to more practical, solid-colored leggings. We can find these leggings in assortments of colors, so even if the colorful aspect of these crazy printed leggings is why you held on for so long, the solid ones can serve that same purpose. Corset belts were a huge trend, especially with the Kardashians constantly incorporating them into their outfits. This trend is not here to stay, though, so it is time to get rid of that belt and let your torso breathe. Keeping a traditional waist belt might be more practical. Wedge sneakers took athleisure to another level, combining comfortable sneakers with wedges. These shoes are not very flattering and are no longer in style, so all of the pairs of wedge sneakers you once loved can be taken out of the closet to make room for the wide range of stylish sneakers we have today. All of our work out shoes and timeless kicks like Adidas Stan Smiths and Vans Slip Ons will have more room in our closets. 

Some things in our closets just are not practical to have, so these items should be one of the first things to go. We all love a pair of good heels and that pair of uncomfortable heels that cause more pain than comfort, and happiness does not fall in that category. For a night out or formal event, we do not want to be the person that is walking around barefoot, because our heels are giving us blisters. Instead, make use of the heels that you can easily walk in and are comfortable. Your feet will thank you. There is at least one item in our closets that we happen to have in every single color. While it is a great idea to have a V-neck T-shirt in some neutral colors to be able to throw on and go, we do not need it in yellow, purple, orange, green and pink. Keep the neutrals and your favorite color, and get rid of the rest. Forever 21 and H&M have been main places to get clothing, but you get what you pay for — the quality is not always there. Those cute shirts that are fraying and falling apart should not be worn anymore. It is known that clothing from these types of retailers do not last forever, so their time is up. You can always go and buy a new one for cheap.

Most importantly, if items in your closet are being kept just for sentimental reasons, it might be a good idea to get rid of them. The hoodie your ex-boyfriend let you steal from him should be the first thing in the “toss” bin. You let that man go, so let his clothing go, as well. If you love the boyfriend fit, shopping through the men’s section will be just as cozy. High school is said to be the best four years of our lives, and our closets have tons of evidence of the time that we spent there. Whether our time in high school was amazing or not, the multitude of tees, hoodies and sweatpants that we have do not belong in our closets anymore. Not only do they have your high school mascot plastered on it, the clothing might be pretty old, with some of us not being in high school for four years. These clothes are now being replaced with our Rutgers items, so we can still showcase our school spirit. The prom dress(es) that we have from high school should be gotten rid of as well. These end up being one-time pieces that just sit in the back of our closet, and we probably will not end up wearing them to anything ever again. Halloween costumes that we have racked up through the years are taking too much space in our closets. Even costumes that we have made ourselves with pieces of regular clothing may not be used in our everyday wardrobes, so these pieces should go too. 

There might be a huge pile of clothing sitting on your floor after getting rid of all of the things that you do not wear and should not wear anymore, and these items do not have to go straight to the trash. The items that are messed up with things like large holes or deep stains should be thrown away. Clothing that is still in good condition but hasn't been worn in more than a year could be donated. There are many places right by our own campuses that accept donations for those that are in need. On the Cook campus, right by the Newell Apartments, there is a Salvation Army drop box. Off of the College Avenue campus, there is a thrift shop, Holy Shirt, that accepts donations. There are places in nearby towns that accept donations as well, such as Goodwill in East Brunswick and Plato’s Closet in Edison. Some items, especially special occasion pieces like prom dresses, can be extremely difficult for people to afford so getting rid of these from our closets will go to a great cause. 

Spring cleaning is very important, and our closets may be one of the hardest things to clean. By getting rid of clothing that no longer serves a purpose for us, we can make more room for new styles, as well as contribute to a great cause. Win-win. 

Leona Juan

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