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Metro Boomin brings mix of hits to Beats on the Banks

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When you hear “Metro Boomin want some more,” it is safe to say that something good will follow. With one of the most recognizable drops in music and a client list that ranges from Drake and Kanye to Migos, Metro Boomin is one of the premier producers in the world. Fresh off of a strong 2017 that included multiple collaboration tapes,  Metro Boomin came to Rutgers as part of RUPA’s Beats on the Banks concert series on Friday. 

Devin Fields, a School of Environmental and Biological Sciences senior, opened the night performing as Vacay. His eclectic DJ set was a mix of hits, remixes and new artists, and he has been practicing his craft for years. “My father taught me how to DJ when I was a kid, so I’ve been DJing for like eight years now,” Fields said. The family tradition has led to gigs at Rutgers for the last few years, and Vacay has built a library suited to match the taste of a Jersey audience. Most notably he played a Panic at the Disco Jersey club remix, which Vacay described as “combining two of his favorite things.”

Next up was DJ Flygerian, a School of Arts and Sciences senior. Flygerian built off of the groundwork that Vacay had laid, hyping up the crowd with a set full of Jersey club and hip-hop hits. Ironically enough, plenty of his set included songs by Metro himself. The energy in the building was growing and there was dancing from the floor to the balcony, thanks to Flygerian’s seamless playlist of the top hits. 

Cardi B, Playboi Carti and Chief Keef were just a few of the inclusions in the set, but Flygerian also played a few unexpected classics. Unexpected to everyone, he played Vanessa Carlton’s “1,000 Miles” and immediately followed with Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA.” The instantly quotable songs prompted an auditorium-wide sing-along, making for one of the highlights of the evening. By the time Flygerian was done, he had clearly become a crowd favorite.

Up-and-coming rapper Nessly was the last opener, and while he’s racked up thousands of plays on SoundCloud, his popularity didn’t translate to an audience clearly ready for the headliner. By this point everyone seemed anxious for Metro, as they had been chanting his name between each set. It seemed like very few people in the audience knew his music, and there was substantial jeering throughout his performance. Once the set started drawing to a close Nessly was visibly upset, and he stormed off. One of his hype men rounded out the shaky showing by asking the crowd for one big “boom,” to which they easily obliged.  

Finally, it was time for the main event, and the room was beyond excited to see Metro. The producer ran onstage to “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1,” and the Kanye smash served as the perfect opener. Metro flexed his expansive discography, running through the multiple top 40 hits he’s worked on. From Migos’ “Bad and Boujee” to Post Malone’s “Congratulations,” the tracks kept coming, a testament to his amazing track record.

Metro is clearly used to being on stage, and he handled being on the mic well for someone who is not a vocalist. Hyping up the crowd at every available moment, he kept the energy high throughout the set. While many DJs can seem distant from a crowd, Metro made sure that everyone was enjoying themselves. After confetti rained down and his time was up, he thanked the crowd, told everyone to “stay blessed” and was gone. 

Some concertgoers gave early reviews, with a group of students agreeing that the show was a 9 out of 10, and it only would've been better if Metro had brought out a guest. Although the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, some had a few criticisms. Autumn Thomas, a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore, explained why she came and why she was slightly disappointed.

“As a producer I really love Metro Boomin, I listen to his music a lot. But as a performer I feel like he was a little lacking. There was an opening DJ, DJ Flygerian, and I honestly feel like he did a better job,”  Thomas said.

Overall the concert was an incredibly exciting celebration of music and from the students to the celebrities, the night was bright. 

Jordan Levy

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