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To prep for Gov Ball, check out this year's festival trends

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While the spring weather here on the East Coast has been quite unpredictable, things heated up a bit over on the West Coast, especially with the start of festival season taking place in Palm Springs for two monumental weekends of Coachella. If you’re one of the unlucky ones who did not get to stand in the presence of the icon that is Beyoncé and all of the other celebrities that were in attendance, don’t worry — Governors Ball, is just around the corner. If you plan on taking the trek to Randall’s Island for this year’s festival, you’re in for a fun filled weekend of photos, music, great food and carefree living. And if you’re still struggling to find the perfect outfit, here are some of this season's hottest festival trends to give you some inspiration.


Floral Print Shirts

As April progresses the last bit of winter weather is finally coming to an end, which means you can finally trade in your winter clothing for more appropriate attire. Floral print shirts are a great way to compliment your look, whether you decide to keep it simple with bright hues or you decide to mix and match with other prints like stripes or checks. This is a great way to improve your street-wear style for the up-and-coming Governors Ball. 

Motorcycle Pants

When Rihanna showcased her take on motocross fashion last fall, women and men alike gravitated toward the biker chic trend. This past weekend at Coachella, it was in full effect, as everyone was rocking their own renditions of biker chaps, camouflage panty trousers and motorcycle pants. This is a great trend that is far from what one would think the typical festival outfit would look like. Pair your favorite motorcycle pants with boots, a short-sleeve cut off T-shirt and some accessories to add the finishing touches. 

Lace mesh/Sheer dresses

Sheer dresses are nothing new when it comes to trends, but each time you see them worn at a festival it’s as if they're the latest thing. This is the perfect fit for the ultimate cool girl. This goes great with a bralette of choice, Calvin Klein underwear seen on the Kardashian sisters and some added accessories like a body chain to add the cherry on top.

Matching Sets & Co-ords

When reviewing at the past festival looks at this year’s Coachella, it’s safe to say that people took Beyoncé’s lyrics “Prove to me you got some coordination” quite literally. The best thing about matching sets is that they are for both men and women. For men, a big trend is wearing a matching set whether that be a long sleeve sweat suit or a jacket and shorts set. It is a great statement piece for the guy who is looking to shy away from the typical jeans and T-shirt. And although it may be hot during the day, festivals run for the duration of an entire day, so having a jacket will come in handy.

Whether you’re looking to play it safe or want to spice up your outfit, having a matching set is perfect for you. From colorful rompers to a matching crop top and pants set, these are perfect for the girl looking to lay low, but still wanting to make a statement with some vibrant hues and prints. 

Beauty trends

DIY Hair Color 

A big part of festivals is trying things that you wouldn’t normally in your day-to-day style. That’s why temporary hair spray is great. Aside from the outfit, hair and makeup are other great added details to put the finishing touches to your festival look. 


Necklace Layering

It’s all about the details for festival season, as this is your one excuse to go all out. Necklace layering is a 90s trend that has made its return, with celebrities like Bella Hadid and Jordyn Woods rocking their layered chains, it is a great staple that will set your look apart from the rest. 


Sunglasses have always been on trend and quite frankly this is a trend that won’t be going anywhere. This year in fashion, tiny sunglasses are on trend, so pairing your favorite pair of matrix-inspired 90s frames would be essential to not only your look, but to your eyes from being in the sun all day. 

Fanny Packs/Cross Body Bags

The majority of festivals do not allow bags within the premises, so this trend comes in handy. Fanny packs or cross body bags are the perfect accessory that will not only hold your most important valuables, but will complement any look. 

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