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Food for thought: Educational, interesting podcasts

Most people can relate to the fresh, energized feeling that comes with starting a new semester. After months of relaxation and fun, it is common to find yourself craving mental stimulation, even outside of the classroom. Often used as a source of entertainment and leisure, podcasts that offer educational value are increasing in popularity. Ideal for college students on the go, here are fascinating podcasts that will satisfy your inner intellectual with hard-hitting news and quirky fun-facts. 

This American Life 

This weekly public radio program is quintessential investigative journalism and storytelling. The stories have intriguing plots, funny moments, heavy feelings and plot twists that keep you on edge. Starting in 1995, the podcast now has more than 600 episodes under its belt — so if you get hooked, you will still always have a new story to listen to. 

Stuff You Missed in History Class

If you don't remember learning about Ida B. Wells, Winsor McCay or Wendell Scott in your high school history classes, you are not alone. The basic ideas of the World Wars and other domestic battles, on the other hand, are practically ingrained in our minds. Yet, the textbooks tend to leave out the more interesting, unique side of history. For example, have you ever wondered about the history of the air conditioner? It is something we all take for granted but it is rare to find someone who knows who actually created it. By listening to this podcast, each episode will make you an almost-expert on historical trivia.

Hidden Brain 

Besides merely being interested in campus news, have you ever wondered what made you pick up a copy of The Daily Targum this morning? Maybe we are bias, but our unconscious decisions come from our most hidden emotions and cognitive responses. To make it simple, this podcast uncovers why we do the things we do. Our emotions control a big part of our desires and decisions, like why we read things that pop out to us and why we are drawn toward a certain person at a party. If you take a listen to this podcast, you will be able to understand the hidden patterns that are controlling your life.

The Crime Junkie  

True crime lovers that finished every season of "Making a Murderer", this one is for you. Every Monday, "The Crime Junkie" host Ashley Flowers decribes the crime she has been obsessing over that week in the form of a scary story-telling session during a sleepover. There are no giveaways and a lot of plot twists, making every element of each story suspenseful and enticing. If you love podcasts that are easy to follow and unique, check out these notorious murder mysteries. 

The Daily 

News flash: The New York Times now has their own podcast called "The Daily", featuring host Michael Barbaro. In just 20 minutes, the former political reporter interviews New York Times journalists on their takeaways on their  biggest story. For those who do not have the time to read an article in print, this podcast is ideal for on-the-go information. Hearing about what is going on in the world, told in a compact, straightforward style will keep you up to date while you drink your morning coffee on the LX bus.

Elizabeth Leoce

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