Dimitri Rodriguez

Dimitri Rodriguez

Dimitri is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore quietly contemplating communications as a lifestyle. When he’s not on his laptop or taking pictures, he spends his time helping those in need by volunteering at homeless shelters. He is always stylishly dressed, sporting Aztec-patterned socks. He has no qualms with side-eying the rest of the editorial board, but secretly also judges them too. You can email him at photo@dailytargum.com.

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Rutgers Administrators have come out in strong defense of undocumented students at the University. Since Sept. 5, over 13,000 emails have been sent to representatives in Congress from a Rutgers Advocacy website in support of DACA.

President Robert L. Barchi announced that Rutgers will be participating in a Big Ten competition intended to encourage students to get to the polls. The University with the highest turnout for this year's midterm elections will win a trophy, as will the most improved school.

The Clothesline Project, which is scheduled to take place tomorrow at Voorhees Mall, will create a visual representation of the scope of domestic violence using T-shirts, clothespins, and words.

A group of 11 students from Rutgers has come together to set a world record for the highest launch of an alka rocket — a device fueled by the chemical reaction between water and alka-seltzer. Rutgers will be competing against students from other Big 10 schools for a prize of $25,000.

From the annual harvest festival to Scarlet Day of Service, there is no shortage of ways for students to get involved this semester.

According to a newly released report, Rutgers is in the top 20 percent of online universities for economic mobility. This is defined by the likelihood of students to move from the bottom 5 percent to the top 5 percent. 

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