Dimitri Rodriguez

Dimitri Rodriguez

Dimitri is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore quietly contemplating communications as a lifestyle. When he’s not on his laptop or taking pictures, he spends his time helping those in need by volunteering at homeless shelters. He is always stylishly dressed, sporting Aztec-patterned socks. He has no qualms with side-eying the rest of the editorial board, but secretly also judges them too. You can email him at photo@dailytargum.com.

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Calling on people to talk about their volunteering experience, Steve Adubato set the stage for discussions regarding leadership and community engagement on campus. Adubato spoke on the need for students to burst from the bubble that separates Rutgers from the New Brunswick community.

Amid allegations of verbal and mental abuse, Petra Martin, head coach of the Rutgers swimming and diving team, resigned. Former team members and their families came forward to share their first-hand experiences, but the Athletics Department has not addressed these allegations.

In response to a sudden decline in the number of DREAMers applying to renew their status, the Rutgers faculty union pledged to continue standing behind undocumented students.

Rutgers is part of a select group of universities that replaced the Common Application with a more intuitive process. This switch has spurred more low income students to apply.

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