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J. Michael Gower, senior vice president for finance, speaks at the Board of Governors meeting held on April 2 on the College Avenue campus.

Rutgers President Robert L. Barchi addresses the crowd at the Board of Governors meeting held on Feb. 4 in Newark.

The Rutgers Federal Credit Union has one of its branches located at 100 College Ave.

From left to right: Gail Winar, David Harrison, Bianca Leigh and Starla Benford acted in “Trans Scripts” yesterday at the Rutgers Student Center.

J. Michael Gower, senior vice president for finance, speaks at the Board of Governors meeting at Winnants Hall on the College Avenue campus.

Antonio Calcado, vice president of facilities and capital planning, speaks at the Board of Governors meeting yesterday. He presented the results of the “MyCampus” survey, which is part of the University-wide master plan.

Residents of Union Beach, NJ still live in trailers, cars, or with neighbors.

Rows of houses were scattered with empty houses or developing houses in Union Beach, NJ.

Angelita Liaguno-Dorr moved her restaurant to a temporary location after her business was destroyed by Superstorm Sandy. Her new location does not attract the same business she received while her restaurant, Jakeabob’s Bay, was on the beach.

Edward Niskey, a resident of Union Beach, NJ, said his house was flooded with about 5 feet of water.

Joe Martinelli, a worker at M.O.I. Enterprises, lays a foundation for a raised house to prevent future flooding.

Houses along the shore in Union Beach, NJ, are still cluttered with debris and are fenced off awaiting demolition or redevelopment.

John Gillis, professor emeritus of History, said the beach has become a romanticized recreational space. The view of the horizon is what is valuable, as opposed to the land.

Houses are being raised to set foundations based on the base flood elevations received by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Volunteers from Johnson & Johnson help the Gateway Church of Christ with separating asphalt and concrete on top of a demolished house. The work they do offset the unmet needs faced by many homeowners after Sandy.

The sign above stood in place of Angelita Liaguno-Dorr’s destroyed restaurant on the bay of Union Beach. Liaguno-Dorr only received $9,657.14 from her insurance company to rebuild.

Trees at Voorhees Mall on the College Avenue campus are slowly dying due to Dutch elm disease. Scott McFie, a horticulturist, said Rutgers has one of the largest remaining populations of American elms.

WRSU, an on-campus radio station, hosts news, sports, music and other programming for the Rutgers community, as well as alumni around the world.

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