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On a fine Spring day, students massed on Delafield Street and caused a riot as a means to enjoy the weather. The day ended with three arrests . 

Police broke up a rowdy block party, ‘Delafest,’ Saturday on Delafield Street in New Brunswick, an alternative to the now defunct Rutgersfest.

Video footage of the disturbance has been the subject of even more University press this past weekend, exploding on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Some students were handcuffed and taken into custody, according to CBS.

Students renting houses on Delafield Street in New Brunswick hosted the

out-of-control block party Saturday.

Police and law enforcement turned to tear gas, incapacitating some attendees.

‘Delafest’ has been dubbed the daytime version of Project X, a proud moment for the University and the ‘definition of college,’ according to local tweets.

Barbara Buono, candidate for the 2013 gubernatorial election, takes a train to Washington, D.C. to fundraise for her campaign. Around 40 people arrived at the New Brunswick Train Station to show their support for the candidate. Buono’s challenger, incumbent Gov. Chris Christie, will be in New Brunswick on Monday to fundraise for his own campaign.

Students convene on the steps of Brower Commons yesterday to protest rising numbers of student debt.  Some wrote the amount of debt they owe on pieces of paper and tore them up as part of the “Tear Up Your Debt” rally.

Students wore hijabs and hoodies on the steps of Brower Commons on the College Avenue campus to protest allegedly race-related deaths. Multiple University groups, including BAKA: Students United for Middle Eastern Justice, supported the event.    

Dharun Ravi, left, and his attorney, Steven Altman, enter on Friday the second-floor courtroom of the Middlesex County Courthouse. M.B., the man who was seen kissing Tyler Clementi via webcam in September 2010, recalled their relationship while court was in session. 

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